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Microsoft Office 365 Support
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Microsoft Office 365 Support for Business and Enterprise

For small and medium-sized companies, cloud computing technology improves the competitive conditions.
Regardless of the number of employees, every company has access to this advanced technology, the costs remain predictable even if the number of employees increases or fluctuations.
All you need is an Internet connection. The monthly costs are often in the range of a cup of coffee.

If you're a startup, you're in luck. Without the ballast of OnPremise IT infrastructure, you can start immediately as a cloud-born company. Other companies that can transfer only productive data to the cloud environment also have the opportunity to restart and thus increase the productivity and satisfaction of their employees.

We support you in Microsoft Office 365 questions, so that the employees have the same work tools at their disposal, regardless of whether they work from the office, remote or on-the-go, see About Us.

Microsoft 365 Business Cost

Item: MS.Preis: €

Office 365 apps (web only) such as: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive 1TB
Item: MS.Preis: €

Office 365 apps as with Microsoft 365 Business Basic with additional: Office 365 (offline) apps as desktop version
Item: MS.Preis: €

Contains article m3bb and additionally: Windows Virtual Desktop, AzureAD Premium, Endpoint Manager, Office 365 DLP, ATP

This offer is directed to companies, all prices are net, per employee, monthly.
Please note Microsoft Office 365 prices, approx. 3-5% cheaper with a minimum contract term of 1 month.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers extensive services for the management and security of data from your users and devices (Windows 10, Android and iOS) through AzureAD and Endpoint Manager.
Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection protects against spam, malware and known threats in email, teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) is an Azure VM preinstalled with Office 365, to which several users can connect at the same time, ideal for working from home office with usual company software and data.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium - scope

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Microsoft 365 Enterprise

If your company has more than 300 employees, then Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3/E5 or Office 365 Enterprise E1/E3/E5 are suitable for you.
Even if your company has fewer than 300 employees, enterprise plans can offer functionality that is not included in business plans, e.g. Litigation Hold, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Office Apps on RDS Server, Windows 10 Enterprise, Teams Phone System and more.

In order to clarify the difference between Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Office 365 Enterprise, it can be said in a simplified way that e.g.
Microsoft 365 E3 includes: Office 365 E3, Windows 10 Enterprise E3 und Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Almost all products can be combined with one another, and not all employees have to have the same license. We can design your subscription individually and find the right bundle for your company. We are happy to support you in advance to make the best possible decision. You can see 3 product examples below.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Cost

Item: MS.Preis: €

Includes item m3bb and additionally: for more than 300 users, StafHub and Stream with 500GB + 500MB storage per user
Item: MS.Preis: €

Includes item moe1 and additionally: Desktop Apps and Plan2 for Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive with 1TB to unlimited (*1)
Item: MS.Preis: €

Includes item moe3, Office 365 E3, and additionally: Windows 10 E5, MDATP, AzureAD P2, AIP, DLP, eDiscovery, Cloud app security, Intune, Threat intelligence and much more

This offer is directed to companies, all prices are net, per employee, monthly.
Please note Microsoft Office 365 prices, approx. 3-5% cheaper with a minimum contract term of 1 month.

Test options and support

When you take advantage of our support, you get cost-effective support for tasks that arise during the initial setup, restructuring, new functions, etc.

For permanent tasks related to the security of data, users and devices, you will be looked after by security experts and kept up to date with the latest technology.

We can create a test tenant for your company (max. 20 users) for Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 E5 Enterprise for a maximum duration of 90 days. We can actively support you so that customer-specific configurations can be adopted for productive operation after the evaluation.

Use this opportunity to assess both the product and our cooperation. Write us via Jira ServiceDesk to get to know this efficient and transparent method for customer support, see an example ticket. You are welcome to write us an email or use Contact.

(*1) Unlimited, to be honest, this term shouldn't even exist in this context, as it is physically inconceivable.

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