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Microsoft Office 365 Support
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About us

We are an owner-managed company, founded in September 2003. In recent years we have developed solutions such as: WLAN hotspot, VPN, bandwidth management, Windows and Linux mini-PCs that we have sold across the EU via our own online shop.
These products (hardware and software) were delivered 'fully' configured as far as possible, adjustments were made via the associated setup support via remote tools and communication.

Some of these products will continue to be offered to business customers under OnPremise Hardware. These products are configurable and show transparent prices for components as well.
However, the focus of our activity is on the support of SaaS platforms, including Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Google Workspace, Jira Service Desk.

We support you in digital transformation so that employees, regardless of whether they work from the office or from home office, have the same work tools at their disposal.

We ensure that data, users and devices are kept up to date and runnnig with the latest technology. You will be looked after by security experts, knowledge will be acquired and verified by manufacturer certificates such as current:

Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate  Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

Our offer is aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs, traders, non-profit organisations, public authorities and institutions.

On our website we try to use a simple technical description so that many can find an introduction to the cloud topics. You will also find a price transparency to keep an overview of your running costs, see Microsoft 365 prices.

What you won't get from us is the approach of a typical supplier, in the classical sense, with the question 'whether you need anything'. We refrain from 'unpleasant customer acquisition' through emails, faxes and phone calls as we find it better, in the age of email-spam, to concentrate on product/customer support and on other product marketing measures.

We take care of your data protection by never passing your data on to social media (Facebook, Google, Twitter & Co.). We do not use cookies for site visitors.

We can answer your email/telephone/fax requests for a PDF offer mostly within hours.