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Microsoft AzureAD, Intune and MDATP for user and device management

What is AzureAD

Azure Active Directory (AD) is Microsoft Cloud Version and is used to manage users and their rights. This can replace an existing OnPremise Active Directory.
Employees from office or home office can log on to AzureAD using the usual username and password. Both Active Directories can be connected together with AzureAD Connect.
User data is replicated from local AD to AzureAD. This makes it possible for users and groups to continue to be managed locally. Users use the same credentials for AzureAD too.

We only offer our support in a cloud environment, so we cannot support companies with OnPremise AD issues.

During the installation of Windows 10, it is possible to decide whether the device is prepared for AzureAD. You can also connect to AzureAD at any time under Settings/Account.

Device management with Endpoint Manager

With Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) Windows, iOS and Android devices are managed centrally. Windows 10 will receive security updates, advanced functions, firewall and virus protection settings.

When a Windows 10 device connects to AzureAD, it can be automatically rolled out in Intune or Endpoint Manager, through MDM service (Mobile Device Management).
Endpoint Manager can also be used to protect apps for Windows 10, Android and iOS devices at the application level using MAM (Mobile Application Management). E.g. You can set that Outlook email data is not passed on to other uncontrollable apps e.g. on Facebook app.

An administrator can create an app collection with apps that can be installed in the background on all company devices or device groups. A company portal with software can be available to all users. This allows users to optionally install the prepared software if they are authorized to do so.

Apps availability via company portal
Source: Microsoft.com

Apps availability via company portal

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP)

When devices are connected to Endpoint Manager, it can be set to automatically be rolled out in MDATP (Defender Server). Defender Client, which provides virus and firewall protection, is already running on Windows 10 systems.
MDATP also offers protection for Windows 7, 8.1, Android, macOS, Linux. MDATP is available in Microsoft 365 E5 or Windows 10 Enterprise E5.

AzureAD, Office 365, Endpoint Manager, Defender ATP

AzureAD, Office 365, Endpoint Manager, Defender ATP

For some other versions it is possible to get MDATP as a standalone product. For these and other questions about AzureAD, Endpoint Manager, write us via Jira ServiceDesk to get to know this efficient and transparent method for customer support, see an example ticket. You are welcome to write us an email or use Contact.

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