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Microsoft Office 365 pricing

This offer is directed to companies, all prices are net, per employee, monthly.
Please note our prices, approx. 3-5% cheaper with a minimum contract term of 1 month.

Microsoft 365 Business

ArtikelMicrosoft PreisPreis ab 10 St.Preis ab 100 St.
m3ba8,80 €8,55 €8,40 €

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

Office 365 apps, web and desktop version such as: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive with 1 TB
m3bb4,20 €4,09 €4,05 €

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Office 365 apps (web only) such as: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive 1 TB
m3bs10,50 €10,20 €9,99 €

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Includes items m3bb and m3ba
m3bp16,90 €16,40 €15,99 €

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Includes item m3bs and additionally: Windows Virtual Desktop, AzureAD Premium, Endpoint Manager, Office 365 DLP and ATP

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

ArtikelMicrosoft PreisPreis ab 10 St.Preis ab 100 St.
m3ea12,80 €12,42 €12,32 €

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

Includes item m3ba and additionally: group policy support, provision via RDS server, no limit on the number of users
m3e331,50 €30,30 €29,90 €

Microsoft 365 E3

Includes item m3ea and additionally: Exchange P2, SharePoint P2, OneDrive 5-25 TB, Teams, Windows 10 E3, AzureAD P1, AIP P1, Intune, Cloud App Security, business apps
m3e553,70 €51,70 €51,20 €

Microsoft 365 E5

Includes item m3ea and additionally: AzureAD P2, AIP P2, Stream P2, eDiscovery, Windows 10 E5, MDATP, Phone System ..
m3f38,40 €8,20 €8,20 €

Microsoft 365 F3

Office 365 apps (web only) such as: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as Exchange Mailbox 2GB, OneDrive 2GB, SharePoint Kiosk, Teams, AzureAD P1, business apps

Office 365 Enterprise

ArtikelMicrosoft PreisPreis ab 10 St.Preis ab 100 St.
moe16,70 €6,50 €6,40 €

Office 365 E1

Includes item m3bb and additionally: for more than 300 users, StafHub and Stream with 500GB + 500MB storage per user
moe319,70 €19,10 €18,90 €

Office 365 E3

Includes item moe1 and additionally: Desktop Apps (offline) and Plan2 for Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive with up to 5-25 TB
moe534,40 €33,40 €32,95 €

Office 365 E5

Includes item moe3 and additionally: Telephone system and audio conference, Cloud App Security, Threat Intelligence, Stream Plan 2, eDiscovery

Microsoft 365 Add-Ons

ArtikelMicrosoft PreisPreis ab 10 St.Preis ab 100 St.
ems37,40 €7,18 €7,08 €

Enterprise Mobility + Security E3

AzureAD P1, Intune, Cloud app security, AIP P1, MFA
ems512,50 €12,10 €11,95 €

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5

Includes item ems3 and additionally: AzureAD P2, AIP P2, ATP
mdatp4,40 €4,27 €4,20 €

Microsoft Defender ATP

Detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to virus protection and complex threats
enma5,10 €4,95 €4,85 €

Endpoint Manager (Intune)

With Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) Windows, iOS and Android devices are managed centrally
m3ps6,70 €6,70 €6,70 €

Microsoft 365 Phone System

Enables connection to PSTN providers so that calls can be made via the Teams app with a hardware phone or headset
me5s10,10 €10,10 €10,10 €

Microsoft 365 E5 Security

AzureAD P2, Cloud app security, Threat intelligence, ATP, Windows E5 (incl. MTATP)
me5c8,40 €8,40 €8,40 €

Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance

Cloud app security, AIP P2, eDiscovery, Privileged access management
w10e35,90 €5,74 €5,71 €

Windows 10 Enterprise E3

Windows Defender with Application Control, Application Guard, Credential Guard, Device Health, Cloud Activation
w10e510,80 €10,48 €10,39 €

Windows 10 Enterprise E5

Includes items ems3 und mdatp

Sylbek Cloud Support

The work content and duration is transparently presented to the customer via the Jira ServiceDesk ticket system. Support in office hours Mon-Fri 8 08:00-17:00, ticket processing for standard support within 12 hours.
ArtikelPreis ab 10h monatlichPreis ab 50h monatlich
e.sup95,00 €/h95,00 €/h

Enterprise Support

Planning and initial configuration: Domain installation, user import, auto-licensing, dynamic groups, AzureAD, Endpoint Manager, MDATP, DLP, ATP and similar
c.sup75,00 €/h72,00 €/h

Konfiguration Support

Group creation and access authorization for SharePoint, cloud storage, installation and software distribution via Endpoint Manager, monitoring and similar
u.sup55,00 €/h49,00 €/h

User Support

User questions and routine work, account changes for employees joining, leaving, recurring rights assignments, authorizations and similar

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