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Microsoft Office 365 cost
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WiFi solutions for business - wireless access points, bridges

For over 10 years we have delivered preconfigured WiFi hotspots with bandwidth management and VPN servers for Windows clients with Linux RouterOS.
We want to continue to use this competence to equip your company with a user-friendly WiFi infrastructure for employees and visitors.

Since we do not carry out on-site installation, this offer is only aimed at business customers who assemble and connect the devices themselves. You will receive telephone or remote support for this.
If WiFi infrastructure is not available, we can estimate WiFi coverage together without a complex on-site measurement. Every building has its special features, but for a rough planning you can take into account that for houses with a lot of concrete and a corridor length of approx. 10m, experience has shown that usually 2 access points per level, with approx. 15m 3 pieces etc. are required.

As you can see in the picture below, a network with several networks (SSID) can be configured. You determine the SSID or network name yourself. We can optionally preconfigure it during installation.
E.g. Your network consists of 2 SSIDs: Public network for visitors who do not have access to your internal LAN network. Private network means that your employees can access your network with mobile devices like other wired LAN devices. The management controller (WLAN-Hotspot) can be offered optionally, with which you can centrally manage and monitor all access points. The same goal can be achieved if you set appropriate VLANs in your manageable switch.

WiFi network with multi SSID access points

WiFi network with multi SSID access points
Source: Sylbek 2015

Ideally, you rely on our support for cloud products, then WLAN configuration for Windows 10, Android, iOS devices can be distributed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Autdoor access points are used for outdoor areas such as town hall square, golf course, stadium and the like. Since hardly any cables can be laid outdoors, access points are configured as repeaters that connect with each other in 5GHz.
Another repeater can even be connected to the repeater, such as: Repeater_01, 03, 07, 09, see picture below. Connecting repeater to repeater is a compromise solution, since bandwidth is roughly halved.

Outdoor dualSSID access point & repeater, ca. 800x800m

Outdoor DualSSID AccessPoint & Repeater

Source: Sylbek 2017

Access points radiate in both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, client software (laptop, tablet, smartphone) itself decides with which frequency it connects.
Such a network with a total of 9 devices can be expanded in blocks with wireless bridges as shown in the picture below.

Outdoor wireless bridge - dual SSID

Outdoor wireless Bridge Wireless bridge solution
Quelle: Sylbek 2016

Both bridges are delivered fully assembled and configured so that anyone can connect 2 networks with each other. The configuration has been optimized for a distance of up to 3km or 6km. For this distance, bandwidths of over 310 Mbit net can be achieved. Brackets for professional mounting on the wall, ceiling or floor can be included (as seen in the picture on the right).

For your questions or for an individual PDF offer write us.

Sylbek Cloud Support - Microsoft Office 365 costs, licenses, support

Looking for more productivity and independence from classic LAN networks ?

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

From 4,05 EUR / mth.   Office 365 apps (web only) such as: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive 1 TB

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

From 15,99 EUR / mth.   Includes item m3bs and additionally: Windows Virtual Desktop, AzureAD Premium, Endpoint Manager, Office 365 DLP and ATP

Office 365 E1

From 6,40 EUR / mth.   Includes item m3bb and additionally: for more than 300 users, StafHub and Stream with 500GB + 500MB storage per user

Office 365 E3

From 18,90 EUR / mth.   Includes item moe1 and additionally: Desktop Apps (offline) and Plan2 for Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive with up to 5-25 TB

Sylbek - User Support

From 49 EUR / h   User questions and routine work, account changes for employees joining, leaving, recurring rights assignments, authorizations and similar

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