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Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive
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Microsoft Teams and SharePoint - Collaboration

Communication from home office with teams

COVID-19 has shown that many companies work just as productively in home offices as in a regular office. Microsoft Teams enables digital communication in digital team rooms, chats, video telephony, documents, apps and more.

Teams can be created to which people from inside or outside the company can be invited. Selected members can set up channels within a team. Channels are topics of conversation that allow team members to communicate without the use of email.

Meeting via Microsoft Teams
Quelle: Microsoft.com

Meeting via Microsoft Teams

Members and guests (outside the company) can be invited to meetings and can also participate via browser (administrator must set it accordingly). Meetings can be optimized by sharing the screen, with notes and drawings in the digital whiteboard, meetings can be recorded and transcribed.
Apps can be integrated into teams, such as Office applications, also external apps to complete other tasks.

SharePoint Online

With SharePoint Online, employees can easily create team and project-oriented websites without great technical expertise, share documents for colleagues, customers and partners and use them together.
The websites are often used for the company's intranet - a central location where employees can find company information. A corporate wiki website can be created and set so that only certain users can edit.
Team pages are the same pages that are also edited in the Teams app. It can be observed that the discussions and cooperation are increasingly shifting to Teams.

SharePoint is a powerful tool for storing and managing documents. An administrator can set group permissions so that only specific groups can change certain documents, some others can only read etc. Documents can be edited using both browser and Windows Explorer, see picture below.

Share OneDrive and SharePoint documents via Explorer
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Share OneDrive and SharePoint documents via Explorer

OneDrive for Business - personal storage

OneDrive is technically a part of SharePoint for personal data. Therefore, as with SharePoint, employees can save and share company data, also externally by default. In this case, an administrator possibly should restrict the settings before use.

OneDrive is already integrated in Windows 10, and you can connect to cloud storage by entering credentials. Accessing documents via Windows Explorer (see picture above) enables you to work offline. Data is stored locally until the Internet is available, then it is synchronized with cloud storage.

Teams, SharePoint und OneDrive costs

Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive are available in almost all tariffs, see 3 examples below.

Item: MS.Preis: €

Office 365 apps (web only) such as: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive 1 TB
Item: MS.Preis: €

Includes item m3bb and additionally: for more than 300 users, StafHub and Stream with 500GB + 500MB storage per user
Item: MS.Preis: €

Includes item moe1 and additionally: Desktop Apps (offline) and Plan2 for Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive with up to 5-25 TB

This offer is directed to companies, all prices are net, per employee, monthly.
Please note Microsoft Office 365 prices, approx. 3-5% cheaper with a minimum contract term of 1 month.

For items m3bb and moe1, SharePoint and OneDrive are in Plan 1 version, that means OneDrive is 1 TB, SharePoint 1 TB + with each user there is an additional 10 GB. For article moe3 (Office 365 E3), SharePoint and OneDrive are available as plan 2 version, so the size for OneDrive can be increased to 5 TB via Powershell and to 25 TB via Microsoft's technical support.

For your questions write us via Jira ServiceDesk to get to know this efficient and transparent method for customer support, see an example ticket. You are welcome to write us an email or use Contact.

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